The Renacer Foundation. A therapeutic space for severe OCD outpatients. The experienced Dr. Ricardo Buso is responsible for treating a group of outpatients with diverse severe ailments: Gerardo who’s a workaholic and has IAD; Inés an OCD hoarder with an eating disorder; Sofía her body bears the scars and injuries she inflicts herself to silence her deeper pains, she suffers from DSH; Teresa and her MPD always vying for one to prevail; and Esteban the more complex case of them all, he’s a mythomaniac, a person with an irresistible impulse for lying and exaggerating, he is a psychopath with a brilliant mind. Dr. R. Buso and his loyal friend and colleague Ezequiel will try to bring relief to outpatients every time they gather for group therapy. These two physicians are joined by a new doctor, the psychologist Dr. Julieta Despeyroux. The soul is a nest of our own obsessions. And, we are living in a time where these are prone to sprout.


Rodrigo De La Serna

Esteban Soldeyra

Paola Krum

Julieta Despeyroux

Fernán Mirás

Ricardo Buso

Gloria Carrá

Teresa Guglietti

Guillermo Arengo

Gerardo Romano

Pilar Gamboa

Sofía Muntabski

Juan Minujín

Ezequiel Lambert

Julieta Vallina

Clara Arismendi

Marilú Marini

May Lapage

Carla Peterson

Inés Alonso



Javier Daulte

Sound Direction

Aníbal Girbal y Adrián De Michelle

Edition & Musicalization

Alejandro Alem / Alejandro Parysow

Art Direction

Adriana Slemenson

Direction of Photography

Guillermo Zappino


Lorena Díaz


Paola Lusardi / Ileana Rippel


Mariano Gundín

Chief Production

Julieta Martinelli

Assistant Director

Alejandro Ibáñez

Production Management

Ivana Polonsky

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Executive Production

Diego Andrasnik

General Production

Adrián Suar


Daniel Barone



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