The series begins with the mysterious suicide of Alicia Oviedo, neighbor of the neighborhood Manzanares that serves as narrator of the series. Alicia's suicide leaves behind an enigma that involves her husband Pablo and their son, Rene. The story unfolds through the four friends and neighbors of Alicia. Each one has its own argument that is linked to the term "desperate housewife": the single mother of a teenage girl named Susana Martini, always crowded by bad luck; Vera Sherer, perfect housewife who tries to deal with her two rebellious children while fighting for her decadent marriage; The female worker Lía Salgari, former successful executive turned into supermama of four incorrigible little ones; And the beautiful Gabriela Solis, a former model married to a millionaire entrepreneur, who apparently lacks nothing, but who continues to search for something that fills her inner emptiness. And that something is, her young gardener.


Gabriela Toscano

Susana Martini

Lía Salgari

Mercedes Morán

Carola Reyna

Vera Scherer

Araceli Gonzalez

Gabriela Solís

Romina Gaetani

Carla Otegui

Cecilia Roth

Alicia Oviedo

Juan Palomino

Miguel Delfino

Eliana González

Julieta Martini

Martín Seefeld

Carlos Solís

Carlos Santamaría

Tomás Salgari

Rodrigo Guirao Diaz



Original Idea

Mark Cherry

Script Adaptation

Marcos Carnevale

Original Music

Alberto Slezynger / Vinicio Ludovic

Art Direction

Bernando Losada

Direction of Photography

Guillermo Zappino / Miguel Abal

Costume Designer

Alicia Flores / Estela Flores


Buena Vista Internacional / Pol-ka Producciones


Alejandro Alem / Alejandro Parisow / Santiago Parisow

Content Management

Víctor Tevah

Assistants Director

Jorge Bechara / Martín Desalvo

Chief Production

Julieta Martinelli / Ariel Ferrero

General Management

Ivana Polonsky

Executive Production

Diego Andrasnik


Adrián Suar / Fernando Blanco

Executive Production (BVITV)

Leonardo Aranguibel / Fernando Barbosa


Marcos Carnevale / Sebastián Pivotto



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